android smart phone infection

I have always used Android smart phones. It has a simple interface, variety of options, and a large pool of apps on Google play store. It does help in my daily work and activities. But, what if there is an infection or a bug in my smart phone. It is really annoying and you get frustrated when your smart phone doesn’t work properly. There are a number of ways in which your smart phone may get infected.

You can detect infection when your smartphone is not working properly. But, sometimes it is hard to detect. So here we present an article on the signs which confirms that your android smart phone is infected.

Signs of Infection

Low Battery Backup

If your smart phone is getting discharged too early than expected, it is possible that it is infected. Normally, a single charge can last from morning to evening. If it is not so, there is a problem in your software.

Increased Data Usage

Your phone is using more data than expected? It is because of the unnecessary background processes which are consuming your internet data. This is a sure shot sign of infection in your smartphone.

Unwanted Messages and Calls

It is possible that you are receiving and sending unwanted calls and messages. If that’s the case, it is because of malware present in your smartphone.

Unnecessary Apps in your Phone

There is some strange app on your phone and your wondering when did you install it? It’s not your fault. It’s the infection that want that app to stay in your phone. In this case, infection is used as a tool of marketing stupid apps.

Abnormal Processes

Your Wi-Fi and Bluetooth settings are getting changed frequently? It’s the infection playing with your phone settings. You are not able to use your phone functions for your benefit. The bugs in your phone are the cause of these distortions.

Call Drops

Your phone call getting dropped and there are disruptions while you are having a conversation, it may not be the case of poor service. It is possible that an infection in your phone is the main cause behind it.

Phone Lags

Your phone is lagging while you are trying to open applications. You are working on your phone and it reboots automatically. There is a malware in your smartphone which is consuming it RAM and hampering the performance of your smartphone.


When you are using your internet browser, you see so many ads on your webpage that you cannot see the actual information on the webpage. When you are working with your phone and unnecessary ads pop up from nowhere, your phone is definitely infected with malware.

High Phone Bills

If you have a postpaid connection, then there can be various reasons for those unexpected high bills. The infection in your phone can send unwanted messages and make calls without your notice. Moreover, data usage spikes results in increased billings.

Longer Boots

If it taking too much to boot your phone or it automatically reboots, either its low storage issue or its an infection in your phone.

So if you are observing these signs on your smartphone, your phone may have infection. I hope you liked this article on 10 signs that proves that your Android smart phone is infected.


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