old smartphone uses

You must have heard the saying, “Old is Gold.” This is indeed true! But, what about our old smartphones? Are they suitable for discarding or worthy enough for any use. I have a habit of changing my smartphone almost every year. The only valid reason for this exceptional phenomena is our ever changing needs! But, I never realized that I can explore so many interesting uses in my old smartphone. Now, I think my smartphone is a blessing in disguise for me. Let’s have a look at some of the coolest uses of your old smartphones.

Old Smartphone Uses

Remote Control

If your mobile phone is IR equipped, you can use it as a remote control device for your home appliances. For example, you can use it control TV settings and audio systems. You just need to install an app required for the purpose.

Digital Photo Frame

You can use your old smart phone to display your collection of photographs. It can be your family pictures, your vacation snaps or your favorite collection from social media sites like Facebook, Snapchat, etc.

Security Camera

According to my view, this is one of the most feasible use of an old smartphone. You can install apps like tinyCam Monitor or IP Webcam and use it as a surveillance device. You can keep an eye on all the activities and even save recordings for future references.

Wireless Hotspot

You want an answer for a query, you ask Google. But for that, you need to have an internet connection. Turn your old smartphone into a wireless router. Keep it at home so that everyone could use it. Try it and you will be praised for your intellect.

GPS Device

Are you bad with directions? No problem, use your old smartphone as your GPS Navigator. Install an app like Google Maps which can guide you at every bend!

Media Broadcasting

The most common use of your old smartphone is for entertainment purposes. When you are getting bored at home, you can stream movies, videos or even play games at your leisure. Moreover, you can use it for streaming live TV shows on your television.

Video Chat

If you are a social person who likes to connect with people or you are a business person who has to attend business calls, you can use your old smartphone as a Video chat interface.

E-Book Reader

If you are an avid reader, turn your old smartphone into E-Book Reader. Enjoy your free time by indulging in your hobby of reading.

Kids Entertainment Zone

Gone are the days when playing in the courtyard was the ultimate entertainment goal. Children have become techno savvy and spend their time on experiencing latest developments.

Donate it

If you meet a person who is in need of a phone but do not have sufficient funds to purchase it, you can do the needful. In this way, you will contribute for a social cause and prevent your old smartphone from attracting dust!

This was our view on some cool things you can do with your smartphone. I hope you liked this article. Keep following Life Around Tech for more interesting updates.