Tired of working for a considerable length of time at a stretch and need some break? Or possibly have excess extra time to kill? Then we may have something intriguing for you.

Here are 10 quirky Google Chrome extensions that will definitely help you burn some time and have a little fun too. Try all of them.

  1. nCage

Even the internet doesn’t have enough of Nicolas Cage. And if you are also one of these, then you’re going to have a love nCage. The fun Chrome extension allows you to swap any photo on the webpage with the image of a famous Hollywood actor.


  1. Mustachio

This Chrome extension is for those people who have a fancy for mustaches. With Mustachio, you can add a thick black mustache on every photo (With a person as subject) on the webpage. So, go ahead and ‘Beautify’ whoever you want.


  1. Nothing

Just like the name suggests, this Chrome extension does nothing. Yeah, you heard it right. It does nothing. And still, somehow it has managed to get almost 7,000 reviews. Oh, and wait. That’s not all. Despite doing nothing, this extension also has a five-star rating on Chrome Web Store.

  1. Jailbreak the Patriarchy

Jailbreak is a very interesting Chrome extension that switches every word and pronoun with the counterpart of its opposite gender.

  1. Unfriend Notification

Now there’s a way to find out who your ‘True’ friends are. This Chrome extension is for those Facebook addicts who want to stay updated on every activity on their profile. True to its name, Unfriend Notification will update you every time someone unfriends you on Facebook.


  1. Libdoge

Most of the internet memes fans know about this widely popular doge meme. The Libdoge Chrome extension allows to ‘Doge-ify’ any website. Once this extension is enabled, doge pictures reading the famous phrase “So Wow” will pop up everywhere on the screen.


  1. Upside Down

Upside down is just another useless extension in Chrome which is perfect for wasting your extra time. It is actually intended for pranking on others. As the name suggests, the Upside Down will flip the website content upside down every time a new website is opened.

  1. Website Destroyer

Website Destroyer can be considered as the successor of the game from 90s, where one can destroy his/her entire PC. With this extension, you can destroy whichever website you like with any five weapons of your choice.


  1. Autorage

Are you a Comic lover? Then this Chrome extension is perfect for you. Autorage swaps all the faces on the website with rage comic faces.

  1. Millennials Begone!

This Chrome extension replaces all the ‘Millennials’ on any webpage with ‘Pesky Whipper-Snapper’

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