15 android Hacks Without Rooting Your Phone

We all have at some point debated over which was better-Android or iOS. While both sides have a large support, we Android users are just too fond of it and are going to prove why Android is more awesome. Apart from all the cool features, all the cool apps, did you know there was more that you could do with your Android device?
Well, here are some fun and useful Android hacks every Android user must know:

Hack Games Without Rooting:

Game Killer is a cool app that lets you hack your favourite game and it also works on a rooted phone. You can implement all the cheats and modifications according to your wish. You can also unlock coins, characters, levels, lives and all locked content of the game.

Control Desktop From Your Android:

A feature of Google Chrome is the ‘Chrome Remote desktop’ which allows you to access your computer from anywhere through any smart device. You can access Google Chrome browser in the same way. It allows you to view the complete interface of your desktop on your smartphone for easy access.

Record Your Android Screen:

This might come in handy when your phone is with someone else. There are a number of apps, such as AZ Screen Recorder that records the person using your phone without them having the slightest clue. These apps work without root too.

Use Edge Display:

Much like the S6 Edge you could make your Android have a similar interface too. All you need to do is get a simple Android launcher called Edge Display.

Automate Your Android:

This is the ultimate hack for making your Android work on your fingertips. Download the Automate It app and customize or create your own commands for specific actions.

Control Your Smart Devices With Your Phone:

Now you don’t need all those separate remote controls for each device. You can control your AC, LED TV, bluray player, etc. from your smartphone. It is easy to connect to these devices too as they all come with featured guidelines for connectivity.

Re-Configure Navigation Buttons:

The app Home2 Shortcut allows you to make changes and specify functions for your navigation tools. This makes your device more handy and easier to use.

Hide Your Whatsapp Media From Phone Gallery:

Many times you face embarrassing encounters when friends or family find something you didn’t want them to see in your gallery. You can hide the media you get on Whatsapp from your phone gallery instead.

Record Incoming And Outgoing Calls:

You can record incoming and outgoing calls on your Android device using Automatic Call Recorder. You can later listen to the entire conversation and also see the duration of the call.

Remove Pre Installed Apps On Your Phone:

We all hate many of the pre installed bloatware that crams our memory, makes the phone slow and is completely useless. Well, did you know that you could get rid of it too? Yes, you can and in some easy steps.

Select More Than One Ringtone:

Confused about what your ringtone should be? Like two but can’t decide on one? Well, why not keep them both? You can use a number of softwares that allow you to choose two ringtones and randomizes them for you.

Add Home/Back Button Keys:

You can add home/back button keys without rooting your phone. Neither do you need to change your phone for doing so.

Add Night Mode Feature:

You can add a night mode feature on your phone. This can save you from the bright light in the dark and improves visibility too.

Install Linux On Your Phone:

While there are ways to install Linux on your smart phones by rooting it, check out ways where you won’t even have to do that.

Play Youtube Videos In The Background:

If you have a rooted smartphone then you could just use Xposed installers for a number of features including playing youtube videos in the background. There are also ways to do it without rooting your smartphone.