When it comes to PCs, Windows is the best OS for anyone. It is also the most used OS around the world. Microsoft keeps on updating it to include new and awesome features. And many users have some private files or folders in their PC which they want to hide from others. Some of them use Folder Lock softwares for that purpose, while some others use Windows’ inbuilt feature to achieve that. But, what if we want to hide a whole drive instead of just files and folders? How do we achieve that? For that purpose only, today I will tell you How to Hide your Drive in Windows using 4 different methods.

1st Method: Hide Drives using Group Policy

Hide Drive on Windows

Step 1: Open Run window using “win+r”.

Step 2: Type “gpedit.msc” and press enter.

Step 3: From the open window, go to:

User Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/File Explorer

Step 4: Double tap on Hide these specified drives in My Computer and select Enabled.

Step 5: Select the Drive you need to hide. And then, just save and exit.

2nd Method: Using Command Prompt

Hide Drive on Windows

Step 1: Open the command prompt, type Diskpart and hit Enter.

Step 2: Type “List Volume” and hit Enter.

Step 3: Then type select and the numeral against the letter of the Drive (e.g. it could be G Drive), which may you need to cover up. For example, it could be Select Volume 6. Hit Enter.

Step 4: At last, type “Remove Letter G” and hit Enter.

Step 5: You will get a message on screen then that “Diskpart successfully removed the drive letter or mount point”.


3rd Method: Using Disk Management

Hide drive on Windows

Step 1: Right tap on “My Computer” and tap on Manage then

Step 2: Open Storage then

Step 3: Open Disk Management. There you can see all the partitions of your hard drives.

Step 4: Pick the drive you need to hide, and then right click on it. Select “Change letter and paths“. Tap on Remove at last.

Step 5: Click YES to finish.

4th Method: Using Windows Drive Hider

WDH is software which helps you to hide your hard drive partitions from appearing in your windows explorer. It’s fastest approach to conceal your drives. This tool offers the choice to hide the drive from a single as well as all users. This method is simple, quick and effective making it the best option among all. It is convenient and easy to install and uninstall. This makes it a flawless tool for concealing drives in a windows PC. You can download Windows Drive Hider from here.

Taking everything into account, these are the best methods you can use to hide your drive in Windows OS. Don’t hesitate to reach us if you require any assistance from us and we will surely help you. Also put your suggestions or topics you want us to cover in the Comments below and we will write about them on our site too.