As a blogger, you spend hours; sometimes days to research, analyze, collect and then write a great content for your blog. But, how to ensure it reaches your target audience? For them to read it, they have to know about it. That’s why you need to promote your blog in various social media platforms so as it reaches a wider audience.

If you don’t know how to do that or if you are confused how to make it more effective, we are providing you with five badass methods to promote your contents/blogs on social media effectively.

Social Media
Promote your Blog on Social Media
  • Interact with your new Followers

When you gain new followers, try to create a connection with them. Welcome them and thank them for their appreciation towards you. Always reply to your followers’ or anyone’s appraisal, concerns or comments over your work.

This helps to create a warm friendship between you and your audience. Answer their questions, ask them questions. Encourage them to put up their tips, queries and ideas in the comments section.

Don’t overload their sections or chat boxes with links! Be friendly, social and patient.


  • Always Use Hashtags

Target your blogs to specific audience or topics using Hashtags. Hashtags are a popular yet simple and effective method of Keyword optimization on social media (especially Twitter).

For example, take Jeff Bullas. He is the hashtag master. He maintains a huge Twitter following and hyper targets each tweet to a select audience. This practice ensures he attracts targeted, interested, hungry traffic to his world-famous blog.

So, use hashtags as much as possible but use them wisely! Make them your best friends.


  • Promote Other Bloggers

Promote Other Bloggers!! I must be out of my mind to give you this advice even!

Believe me I am not.  Promote your friend’s or some other famous blogger’s post along with you to hook up your audience with interesting dual contents.

That other blogger will be generous to you and may do the same and promote your posts in return.

So, promote other bloggers aggressively on:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest

More and more bloggers will gladly promote you in return; increasing your reach on a wide range of social media websites.


  • Ask for Comments and Shares

You might be confounded with your social media campaign at first.

Why the hell aren’t people retweeting your posts? On the other hand why don’t they share your blog entries on Facebook?

Since you’re not requesting that they do as such!

Clarity, effortlessness and directness are 3 instruments successful bloggers use to promote blog posts successfully via web-based social media sites.

So ask the viewers and readers to share your posts to their friends, relatives and whoever they can. This will help you increase your audience and reach newer audience also.

  • Be Consistent

This is the most important tip. Consistency or Discipline is the most effective method to make a reputation for yourself.

Prepare a timetable and schedule all your blog posts accordingly. And as soon as you publish them; share them to your social media accounts. Do not be irregular or haphazard with your timings because you will lose followers in doing so. Publish your blogs within a regular interval.

This is a very hard thing to do since you have to be extremely patient to maintain that level of discipline for a long time.

If you want to gain thousands of blog followers like Harsh from ShoutMeLoud, you need to be all in.


Commit yourself to this tips and it will surely give you results. Promote yourself intelligently and strategically on the social media to gain and more importantly, hold a large audience to your blog.