We all know that iPhones are trendsetters when it comes to smartphones. They have everything you could ask for. And with their new models and updates, they keep getting more awesome everytime. But, there are some downsides of iPhones too. One of them is that you can’t just download an mp3 file in an iPhone. You need to buy it from iTunes or do the gigantic task of connecting your iPhone to a computer to move songs from computer to iTunes software installed in your computer and then syncing it to your iPhone. This is a messy thing to do. So, to solve this problem, mp3 music downloader has been launched into the market. And today, I am going to list you the 5 best and most awesome mp3 music downloader for you iPhone –

  1. iDL

mp3 music downloader for iPhone

Easily download files from the Cloud or your PC directly into your iDevice and enjoy with them offline. iDL contains a media player too which supports background playing and you can also extract ZIP and RAR files using its file manager. You can see any type of document or file from this app only or open them in other apps also.

2. Downloader

This app in your iPhone means you can easily download any type of file in it. It is one of the most powerful and amazing mp3 music downloader I have ever used. You can safeguard your files using passcode in it. Pause and resume the downloads in it; and the downloads keep running in the background even if you close the app. This app supports iCloud, Dropbox, E-mail, Airdrop and many more. Do give this one a try at least once.

3. Google Play Music

mp3 music downloader for iPhone

I think the name Google is enough for it. Yes! Developed by Google, this mp3 music downloader allows users to listen to their favorite music. User can even upload their own songs and listen to them anywhere, anytime! And you can download these songs once you have upgraded to premium membership. This app is one of the best reviewed one on App Store.

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4. Groove


Another mp3 music downloader developed by a tech giant. This app comes from Microsoft. It allows users to listen songs only after integrating it with OneDrive. You can listen to the songs anywhere, anytime after adding them to OneDrive. You can even listen to radio stations in this app. Isn’t it Great? Tally songs, playlists or albums to your Groove collection and access them from your not only just iPhone, but Xbox, PC, tablet and the web too.


An effective mp3 music downloader for iPhone! It has been available on App Store for more than 5 years now. iDL PLUS allows you to store files for offline use also. It has a built-in web browser too supporting multiple tabs opened at the same time. What’s more? You can also integrate it with iCloud and sync or store your files there. And it allows to set Passcode lock to shun intruders.


These are the best five and awesomest mp3 music downloader for iPhone I have used in 2016 There are many more like these in the market too, but you can ignore them completely once you use any one of these.

So, did you like them? Or you think you know an app better from the ones I mentioned here? Do give your reviews in the comments below. Please do not shy away from providing any queries or suggestions to us. We will try to solve every single tech problem of yours.

See you next time then!