WordPress is clearly the most popular and utilized CMS in the world. It even claims to be powering up nearly 21% of the Internet. In spite of all this, there are many people who know very little about this. And there are many people who have common misconceptions about WordPress because of their little knowledge about it.

So, in this article I am going to clear up some of the common WordPress misconceptions to help new bloggers understand it better. Let’s begin:


  1. WordPress is Only a Blogging Tool

This is one of the most common WordPress misconceptions. Yes while WordPress began as a blogging stage, it has advanced. Today, WordPress is a web programming that is used to build any sort of site including yet not limited to blogs. One out of each 6 sites on the internet is assembled using WordPress and a great number of these sites are not blogs.

  1. WordPress is Not Secure

WordPress is secure, and this is one of the main reasons for its fame. It is an open source programming which implies its source code is accessible online for anybody to study and find security loopholes.

WordPress is to an extremely adaptable, and its security can be further strengthened by taking a few additional steps. Malware or DDOS attacks are regular on the internet and are not simply limited to WordPress. This is the reason there are specific security services like Sucuri which provide monitoring services to protect against regular web threats.

  1. WordPress doesn’t Support e-commerce

Unlike other hosting platforms, WordPress does not come with a shopping cart by default. Nonetheless, there are a lot of WordPress plugins, which allows you to make your own eCommerce site with WordPress. You will find easy and simple plugins to achieve your goals.

Wordpress Misconceptions
ecommerce plugin of wordpress
  1. WordPress is Free so It Must be Low Quality

WordPress is not an individual’s or a small team’s creation. It is produced by a community and used by a great many small and large organizations also. Its code is open source for anyone to see, analyze, and examine for quality. The code behind WordPress is quake-proof like strong, developer friendly, open, and free.

This is the reason WordPress is so massively well-known and way ahead of every other CMS programming on the planet.

  1. All WordPress Sites Seem to Similar

One of the most common WordPress misconceptions among new clients is that all WordPress sites look similar. This is just so not true! There are a great many WordPress templates available.

There are many premium WordPress theme shops like StudioPress, Elegant Themes and numerous other offering amazingly designed WordPress themes for all sorts of websites.

Wordpress misconceptions
WordPress Themes


I hope that this article clears up some of these common WordPress misconceptions of yours. In case you know somebody who believes these WordPress misconceptions, then please share them this article. Instruct them to leave a comment or contact us, so we can teach them about WordPress.

There are a great many WordPress misconceptions going on out there amongst people. If you know any, please comment them below and help people to understand WordPress in a better manner.

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