Blogging is a great way to make your thoughts, ideas and knowledge reach other people. Though being endangered by social media nowadays, blogging has still managed to retain the appraisal and attention of genuine writers and readers alike. So, blogging seems to be a good way to kick start your writing career and create an audience for yourself.

But, it may happen that you want to start a blog desperately but is short of money to do that. Don’t worry! You can still start blogging with the free blogging platforms available out there. Yes, free blogging platforms. They exist! Now, before you start typing “Free Blogging Platforms” in Google, you should understand that you can’t just start on any platform. It won’t do any good to you.

So, here we are going to list you the 5 best free blogging platforms on which you can start your journey as a blogger.

  1. WordPress

The website who claims to be powering over a fifth of the Internet now!  WordPress is a powerful, simple, easy to use and user friendly free blogging platform where one can start blogging for free. is the most widely used platform with a fair amount of customization. It lets you choose your own theme according to the topics of your blogs to give the readers a feel about.

In settings section, one can find more advanced features viz AdControl, Email Post, OpenID and Webhooks. No wonder it is among the most famed free blogging platforms in the market.

Free Blogging Platforms
WordPress Homescreen
  1. Tumblr

A compelling mixture of WordPress and Twitter (you heard it right); Tumblr is one of the most simple, fun and “cool” free blogging platforms available for budding bloggers.

Tumblr is customized for the social media frenzy generation which needs a “cool factor” in everything. If you feel that pictures are enough for your blogs, Tumblr is for you!

At last, if you want to blog and want to sound cool doing that, Tumblr is a boon for you. You may argue upon that, but do give Tumblr a try out. It offers many more features and services apart from cool looks too.

Free Blogging Platforms
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  1. Blogger

If there’s anything worthy of WordPress’s steel, it’s Blogger. It’s simple, fast and yet professional. Just sign up with your Google id and you will have a blog up and running in less than a minute (if you have a good net speed).

It is a Google product and lets you customize your blogs in a simple and fun way. Sharing your blogs published on Blogger to other platforms is also quite easy and it helps you reach for a wider audience in an effective manner.

There is just a minor prick though; Google’s reputation of shutting down millions of happy users abruptly by unpredictable change of policies. Otherwise, it’s a badass among the Free Blogging platforms. Check out here.

Free Blogging Platforms
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  1. Weebly

Though also passing as among the free blogging platforms, Weebly is for most part a website builder. It works on simple drag and drop principle to build a decent web page.

Signing up to Weebly is free and they provide extensive features to the bloggers a few of which are quite unique. The best part about Weebly is it is one of the best tools to give your free blog a professional look and feel.

Do give Weebly a try from here.

Free blogging platforms
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  1. Medium

Many would argue that Medium should be above Weebly on this list. But, before doing that, try out both of these and see for yourself.

A brainchild of Twitter’s founders, Medium is a socially angled platform which emphasizes more on writing. That too, inside a fairly lock-down setup! It’s professional, strict and an actual no non-sense serious website after all.

A no place for people wanting more customization and control, here your words will be taken seriously though. This is what puts Medium lower on this list. But, it is good enough to be on this list, so do give Medium a try for yourself if you are looking for a serious free blogging platform.

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So, hope this article puts some curiosity in you and rejuvenates the artist in you. What are you waiting for the? Open your computer and start blogging!


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