Getting bored at home and short of your pocket money? Many people feel this during their off times, vacations and holidays. And those with a creative mind feel delighted by just hearing three words, “Write for us!” Invitations for guest blogging! It seems like an easy way to earn money and it is! But, in their excitement, many writers fail to see through the whole process.

They are so concerned to get an esteemed link on a good website that they don’t give the guest blogging process enough thought. And guess what? Blog owners are feeling Google’s wrath too in this whole process with their recent updates. So, one need to be a bit careful while plying for Guest Blogging to other sites or hiring a guest blogger. Below are some common mistakes one should avoid while Guest Blogging:

  1. Not Investigating

Many guest bloggers pounce upon the chance for guest blogging for a site without even investigating or analyzing about the site. Before starting, you should take your time and analyze the site’s reach, genre, target audience and the type of viewers they are getting.

You should also look for the ways of writing and format followed by the bloggers on the site.

If you are confused, contact the site owner or the person who hired you and get everything cleared before starting your blog.

Guest Blogging
Investigate properly
  1. Not following Guidelines

Every blog owner or site owner has some specific guidelines the guest bloggers must follow. Look out for these guidelines on the website and if you don’t find any, ask the blog owner.

After you have the guidelines, read them carefully and thoroughly. You must never start writing or even think about it before carefully reading the guidelines. Do everything the way the site owner or the blog owner has asked you to do.

Guest Blogging
Always Follow Guidelines
  1. Choosing Wrong Topics

Picking the right topic to expound on is critical. Mess this one up, and your guest post will pull in individuals who would prefer really not to pick into your email list.

There is one key to finding the best topics to write about:

Realize what keeps your target audience lying awake all night.

If you realize what keeps them awake all night, you can compose a post to help them solve them their problems and accomplish their most noteworthy desire. Not just will you be pulling in the right individuals with your guest post, but you’ll have them so energized they essentially won’t have the capacity to oppose picking in for additional!

  1. Providing Irrelevant contents

One of the most common and stupid mistakes guest bloggers make is not sticking up to the blog’s categories. You should avoid this one at all costs.

Just imagine why a Blog dedicated to cars would have an article on jewelries. Consult with the owner and if possible, ask him for the topic to write about. Don’t present yourself as a stupid not doing so.

Guest Blogging
Don’t be Stupid!
  1. Trying to be too Technical or Showing off

You may have a wealth of knowledge on a topic but don’t ever try to show off. Keep your article user friendly and easy to read. Don’t overload your contents with complex sentences and hard-to-get phrases just to show off your vocabulary skills.

Readers like to read easy-to-get articles from which they can learn something easily. So, be specific, simple, friendly and fluent.


There are many more mistakes one can make while guest blogging. But, if you keep the above points in check, you will find yourself getting great appraisals and more works. You will also succeed in creating a good audience for your work and have a good brand value for your blogs.