Nintendo SWITCH : First Glimpse Revealed

Yesterday Nintendo games has revealed new console for a home gaming system.

In a video uploaded to their official site (, They have revealed the initial glimpse of their new gaming system. For now they are referring it as “Nintendo Switch”. It said to be able to provide single as well as multiplayer thrills at command. It also enables users to play all the title at anytime with anyone they choose to play.

Biggest reveals from the Nintendo are astonishing. Similar to those used in the 3D cartridge games. They are also planning to launch Bethesda’s Skyrim remaster in the console, which is a huge thing for gamers.

It has a Dock that interconnect the whole system to the TV monitor and allow enjoy with your family and friends all together. If you lift the Switch from the attached dock, it will instantly turn into potable mode.This feature has greatly affected the gaming experience, from now onwards you can also have fun while on move. Basically it makes the whole enjoyment theme portable to any region. It also features a HD Enhanced display to produce crunchy images and provide comfort to straining eyes.

One of the wonderful feature is, Joy-Con can be used by multiple people at the same time for gameplay. Users can also opt to use optional Switch Pro Controllers.

“Nintendo Switch gives the users the right to play as they like without placing any boundaries,” reported Reggie Fils-Aime (COO, Nintendo of US ). “It gives developers some new features to put forward their creative visions regarding life and defying concepts of gaming without any restriction.”

In the released video it has short glimpses of gameplay to feature the nature of Switch gaming system. It is set to be launched in March. More demonstrations, launch dates, product specs and price, all will be revealed prior to launch.