When Fitbit launched its first real smartwatch last year, it’d something to prove. The company had just purchased beloved smartwatch pioneer Pebble up until then had fought to generate a wearable with a suitable operating system. So it is not surprising that the Ionic was filled full of attributes. It not only tracks an extensive selection of fitness programs and supplies onscreen workout tutorials, but additionally stores your music, streams to Bluetooth headphones, runs 3rd party applications and makes contactless payments. It even has a blood oxygen sensor just waiting for the company to turn it on. It is also not a surprise, then, that the Ionic wasn’t affordable.

While $300 is not much in comparison into the Apple Watch and Samsung’s Gear Sport, it can put off people that are physical fitness novices looking to get a simpler device. The Ionic also did not looks like an ordinary watch, due to its hexagonal design that cries Fitbit. The company addresses all of with its second smartwatch, the Versa. For starters, it is going to cost just $200, and comes along with a simplified OS which reduce the swipes you need to see your everyday info. Most important, the Versa is the best looking Fitbit yet.