customized gesture controls

Do you ever wonder how to toggle among the apps on the Android device and are tired of! Then you have landed in the right place. This article will let you know how to add customized gesture controls to your Android device.

Android is the most widely used smart devices OS in present days. It amazes its users by adding new features time to time. One of such features is gesture control. Gesture controls are those which makes your work much better with the access of your Android device. Some of the gesture controls are pinch, scroll, double tap, flinch, long press and so on.

Newly launched Android devices have this feature inbuilt. But for the people with older Android versions now you got time to renew your Android smart devices with the featured gestures.

As you cannot directly load them to your device, there are some apps available in the play store so as to make your work much better.

How to add customized gesture controls- Tutorial

Quickify-Gesture Shortcuts


Quickify app allows you to call/launch/toggle any application, settings or contacts using custom gestures. It allows the user to launch their favorite apps with a single click and also calls/text your favorite contacts, launch your most visited website with a single click.

Upon installing this app on your device, it appears as a small icon on your screen. Just tap on it to launch and it does all the remaining work for you.

Nova Launcher Prime

customized gesture controls

One of the most widely used paid apps to custom gesture controls in your Android device. Open the Nova settings after installing the app to customize the settings so as the app will work according to your customization.

Click on Gestures & Input to open the available gestures. Now you choose the functions and set the features according to your wish. All set now. Your device will listen to you well accordingly.


This is how you can get new customized gesture controls to your old Android device. Using any of these apps according to your flexibility try different new gestures on your Android device. Without getting a new device, your device is now updated and works as though you got a new Android device without replacing your old device.