Adding Google AdSense ads to your post requires plugins. Many new bloggers search online for adding Google AdSense to their blog without required plugins installed. Here I show you how to add Google AdSense ads without plugin to your post. Not only this tip used for Google AdSense but also for others like Yahoo, Infolinks, Chitika, and Clicksor. So follow these simple steps and add Google AdSense ads without plugin to your post and enjoy.



Steps to include Google AdSense ads without plugins to your blog.

  1. Login to your WordPress as administrator
  2. From the Dashboard menu select Appearance and select Widget from the sub menu.
  3. Choose the sidebar you want to use(default sidebar 1)
  4. Select Text widget and click edit widget
  5. Paste the Google AdSense code in the text area
  6. Click on done to keep your changes.

Image result

Alternately you can use this method to post AdSense ads to your post without plugins.

  1. Login to Google AdSense account and create an AdSense code
  2. Now login to WordPress as administrator
  3. Choose Appearance and select Editor option
  4. Choose single post(post-single.php) from the Themes template
  5. Find <div class=”entry”> inpost-single.php file
  6. Click update to save changes

Image result

Based on which sides you want to post your ad on to the post, choose the correct settings. Float:right, float:left are to be changed to set your ads on the side ways to right and left respectively. To post ad on the center of the post choose float:center.

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