How to Add Recycle Bin Feature On Android Device.

If in your Personal computer you have willingly or accidentally deleted some file, it doesn’t get erased completely from the disk. Actually it goes to a location popularly known as Recycle Bin, form where you can fully recover all of your deleted data without any hassle.
But what happens in case you have accidently deleted some important documents ? One of the cons of Android OS is it doesn’t have any separate space for Recycle Bin to make it possible to get the files back. So to save you from some mishap happening, we have a solution for you.

How To Add Recycle Bin Feature On Android device.

It is a very simple process through which you can add Recycle Bin feature to your Android phone. Adding this feature will protect you from accidental data lost. For getting this feature keep scrolling and follow the exact steps mentioned below.We will be using a simple android app “Dumpster”.

Feature of Dumpster:

• A Scheduled scan for auto clean of erased items.

•A have features of a applocker to keep secure your sensitive data.

•Provision of recovering Uninstalled apps.

•Works well without any Internet connection.

•Works on both root and non rooted devices.

•Ability to view and restore all kind of deleted file types like audio,video,photos,files and many more.

•Single tap restore function

•Easily available in any kind of app store.

After installing simply agree all the terms and conditions and proceed along.


Next select all the media you want Dumpster to store afterwards accidental deletion.

After this you are good to go ! Dumpster is ready to store all your data securely.
If you have a Rooted device and can give root permission to this app, then it will work more efficiently than non rooted ones. So by the app above you can remain worry less about your information getting lost. If you have any other app or method that can do the same, Please share with aur viewers in the comments below.