You must have seen advertisements on Forbes or HuffingtonPost and other media websites with a tag “Supported By any advertising organization” and the way they efficiently monetize their everyday guests with additional revenue. Being a site owner, you must be wondering, “Can I monetize my blog implementing the same?” Of course, you can. Today, I will be reviewing a native ads network which is fast immerging as a leading ad networks around the world. The name is AdNow.

AdNow Review

What is AdNow?

AdNow is a native ad network which is growing exponentially right now. They already have 200,000+ partners in more than 105 nations. The monthly effective figure goes around 4 billion. You heard it correct. The best thing is AdNow permits you to join either as an advertiser or a publisher.

Benefits of being an AdNow Publisher

  1. Low Maxima with Multiple Payment Methods: – AdNow has a threshold payment of just $20, and you can gain it by means of PayPal, Wired transfer or Payoneer.
  2. Advertisements Undergo Security Check: – Each and every ad campaign is subjected to moderation to check its safety.
  3. High Average CTR (1.5%): – You won’t experience the low click-through rates ever even from the very beginning with AdNow. The average CTR is 1.5%, which will boost your earning undoubtedly.
  4. Simple Setup: – After signing up, the whole set up can be done in a few minutes and your website will start showing the ads with quick approval system.
  5. Language Barrier Absent: – AdNow does not hold any language barrier. You can apply their advertisements on any language sites.
  6. Competitive Rates: – AdNow gives you the top-notch rates for your advertisements. In the event that your widget performs very well regarding the number of clicks, you can pull off more $$$$.
  7. Referral Program: – You can also promote AdNow to your visitors to earn extra money. If someone signs up to them, you will get paid.
  8. Adaptable Widgets: – You can customize ad widget according to your liking and make them mix up to your websites’ design and colors.

Benefits of Being an AdNow Advertiser

  1. No Fakeness Involved: – Distributers can’t create fake clicks and views using bots as the investigation is strict and adrift.
  2. Low CPC: – The more the CPC is, the more the net amount will be. Because of the low CPC, you don’t need to pay a lot for an advertisement campaign.
  3. High CTR: – An innate ad itself resembles a chunk of the hosting site. Combining that with AdNow’s customization doesn’t leave any trace that it is an advertisement. So, the CTR is high.
  4. Choice to Set Daily Budget: – If you fear overspending, set a daily spending limit for your campaigns.
  5. Campaign Tracking: – They give a unique Macro ID using which one can track each and every incident regarding the campaign.
  6. Black list and White list: – You can add a site you liked to your favourite list. Likewise, you add a site you hate to your Black list.
My Verdict

I am sure you must be searching for the ways to sign up for AdNow by now. Don’t worry! We have it for you. Click here to sign up for AdNow. You will not get benefits like these anywhere else. Not even AdSense I am sure.

So don’t waste your time now. Sign up and get money as well as exposure.

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