Although Tim Cook has claimed that iPhone X was the top selling smartphone for Apple each week since its release, Samsung appears to be giving up another side to the story. The South Korea giant, who has been producing the OLED displays found on the iPhone X, has reportedly said that they’ve been left with surplus OLED capacity after Apple cut iPhone X production by 50 percent. The report by Japanese publication Nikkei states that Samsung had awakened the production of OLED panels to meet first iPhone X demand.

However, now with the production cut down, Samsung has been left with surplus capacity and is looking for buyers. The panels of Samsung cost $100 each to make, almost double that of a traditional LCD panel. The high cost of OLED panels is the reason why smartphone makers haven’t changed from the traditional LCD panels. The report claims that the production of the iPhone X has been halved in this quarter due to poor sales in the holiday season. Apple marketed 77.3 million iPhones at the holiday quarter, about one million fewer than in the exact same time in the preceding year, which included an extra week due to a quirk in the calendar year. Regardless of the smaller window of time, analysts had predicted Apple that could sell 80 million iPhones from the past quarter. Samsung may risk of losing a contract for fabricating further OLED panels for the forthcoming iPhone in 2018 as the Cupertino giant might opt to go with LG instead. The report also notes that Chinese companies are currently ramping up OLED production, which may force Samsung to bring down the cost of its own panels.