It is “just a short time” before Artificial Intelligence gets to be savvy enough to figure out how to bring down the web, claims Elon Musk.

Elon musk raised very reasonable worries about ever improving Artificial Intelligence. Regardless being CEO of Tesla automobiles, utilizing the auto-drive feature with ever improving precision.

Space X CEO said that recent attacks on the internet “could be a prelude to far worse ones”.

Elon said that it is just only matter of time before Artificial intelligence could control all the action of living using their ever perfecting algorithm.

A recent article by surfaces due to a distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack. Which further brought down many sites and online administrations, including PayPal and Twitter, Netflix for a few hours on 21 October.

DDoS attacks are becoming very common these days. Main reason is because they are cheaper and easier to arrange. Generally hackers use a string of randomly distributed computers to direct a bulk load of traffic to a single website. All the traffic overpowers the servers, thumping them and the connected sites are being disconnected from the grid.

On 20th September,2016 one of DDos attack brought down the blog of US digital security columnist Brian Krebs. In spite of the fact that the assault just focused on one individual and their site. Its operating size made it one of the biggest attack ever. The amount of traffic hitting every minute is equivalent to the about half-portion of whole internet capacity Economist claims.

The article additionally indicates that DDoS assaults could happen around 8 November, (US presidential race). Well this DDos can’t disrupt any voting machines but all the campaign and government websites are well within reach.

In August 2014 the South African millionaire cautioned the world that innovation is “possibly more unsafe than nukes”.

“Let’s not hope that we the initiating catalysts of rouge AI” happening of which likeness is very much possible.