You can now donate to charity with your voice by asking Amazon’s Alexa. Today, the technology giant announced a brand new feature called Alexa Donations, powered by Amazon Pay. Now, you can just say, Alexa, donate $10 to UNICEF USA, or any supported charity of your choice. Alternatively, you can say, Alexa, do a donation, and Alexa will ask you to choose a charity and dollar amount. Then, it uses your Amazon account payment information to complete the transaction. Currently, users can only choose from 48 charities and nonprofits, including more commonly known ones like the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society to internet oriented groups like the Tor Project, Wikimedia Foundation, and the media website ProPublica.

Amazon noted in a news release, This is only the beginning, this list will continue to grow. In accordance with the company, over a million people used Amazon Pay to donate to charities already before Alexa Donations was launched. Amazon has also collaborated before with Give Back Box, which let users reuse Amazon boxes to ship donations to charities.