Amazon is the planet’s most valuable brand, overtakes Apple and Google. Amazon, the ecommerce giant, has raced ahead of last year’s number one, Google, to become the planet’s most valuable brand, in accordance with the most recent Brand Finance Global 500 account for the year 2018. Amazon’s brand equity has increased by 42% year-on year to $150.8 billion. Moving beyond the digital space, Amazon acquired Whole Foods to get US$13.7 billion last year which gave the mark a foot in the company of bricks and mortar. Even though Amazon is present in transport, music and video streaming, there’s also industry speculation on an impending bank acquisition in 2018.

Speaking of Amazon’s dominance, David Haigh, Chief Executive Officer of Brand Finance commented, Jeff Bezos once said that brands are more significant on-line than they’re in the physical universe’. He’s established himself right by choosing the name Amazon, known as the biggest, most strong river in the world, as 23 years later the Amazon brand carries all before it as an unstoppable force. The potency And value of the Amazon brand provides it stakeholder permission to expand relentlessly in new sectors and geographies. All evidence suggests that the amazing Amazon brand is going to continue growing indefinitely and exponentially. Defending its number two ranking is Apple, whose brand equity shot up by 37 percent to $146.3 billion.

Nevertheless, the report’s authors described its future as looking bleak. Apple has failed to diversify and grown overdependent on revenue of its flagship iPhones, accountable for two thirds of earnings, the report said. With the advent of emerging world brands such as Huawei, Apple’s increasing concentrate on what’re luxury products can cost the brand a fair share of the global mass market, limiting the potential for brand equity growth. Meanwhile, the Google came in at a distant 3rd with a modest ten percent increase in brand equity to $120.9 billion. Google is the champion in search, mobile and cloud OS technology however, similar to Apple, its focus on certain sectors is holding it back from unleashing the full potential of its brand, the report authors said.

Climbing two positions was the South Korea technology giant, Samsung at number four, whose brand equity rose by 39% to $92.3 billion. And on the other hand, social networking giant, Facebook climbed from ninth to fifth place, with its value up by 45% to $89.7 billion. This is the very first time since the inception of the Brand Finance Global 500 research in the year 2007 that all top 5 companies in the table are from the technology sector. The most valuable brands list carries on to contain telecom companies like AT&T, and Verizon, alongside retail giant Walmart, and China’s ICBC bank. Of the world’s top brands, 42% are in the U.S., followed by China in 15 percent, then Germany and Japan, both at 7 percent.