Android Nougat : Release Date and Speculation rumors


Atlast wait is finally over, Nougat (android 7) final release date is announced for some phones and tablets. Nougat is Google’s latest OS update after Marshmallow.

Android Nougat release date

Well it depends which model of smartphone you are using, for different sets there is different release dates. If you have a one the following devices Nexus 6P, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6, Nexus 9, Google Pixel C, your chance of getting Nougat is pretty good. Sadly if you have Nexus 5 you’re most probably not get this update .

According to Google it has already started rolling the update,if you have set of google you will likely to get notified within coming few weeks. For other manufacturers you have to wait a bit to get it.

What phones will get Android N Initially?

If you own a flagship model recently launched then you are in luck. If you have a smartphone set more than 2 years old ,you will most likely have to wait a quite. Different manufacturer take different time to modify the update before pushing for their phones. If you can’t wait for the update , you can always buy a nexus device. As the newest OS update will always prioritise be pushed to them first.


Multi-window support



One of the highlighted feature of Android 7 is Split Screen, with this you will able to open two apps at a same time on your nexus phones. To launch it simply long press the recent button on the navigation bar.

Also there is a button at the top of menu, it function as to clear all the recent items at one go. Additionally there is a new feature called Quick Switch, when double tapped on recent button it switches back to previous app you are using.


Direct Reply Notifications


From now onwards you don’t have to open a app to reply to the text. Swipe down the menu bar and answer directly to the incoming text.This feature was first launched for iPhones and iPad (iOS 8 ) popularly known as Quick Reply. But in iPhone it only worked for iMessage app only.

Google is said to be working to make this feature available beyond Hangouts and Allo. Which further could mean third party messaging app like whatsapp could take advantage of it.

New quick settings menu

In this update Google has added a new quick settings menu to the notifications bar. Now you can see the quick settings menu just by gesturing downward once only,while seeing the notification. Also you can sort all the shortcuts according to your will, and will not need other third party apps to do that. Size of icons is also significantly reduced.


Bundled notifications




Google has announced that from now onwards notification will be grouped together following they are from the same application. Further grouped chats can be expanded into individual messages by just using a two-finger gesture.


Doze Mode 2.0


Android Nougat has expanded their hibernation mode to another notch after marshmallow update. It’s main function is to specifically limits background apps when the screen is turned off.

Android Nougat performance

Android Nougat is said to take its huge leap in the field of graphics and high resolution gaming.There is a lot of runtime improvements along with speed optimizations to the JIT compiler version.

Other features

Google has confirmed the report of Launcher Shortcuts feature that is already added to the 2nd beta for Android 7 mainly for pressure-sensitive display technology.

There is also new security additions based on  file-based encryption. To help your device boot up faster than the previous OS.

Stay tuned with us to get the latest update regarding Android Nougat.