It will not shock you to hear Siri is lagging behind rivals like Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant, the HomePod struggles to handle non music tasks as well as competing smart speakers, for instance. And Apple seems to be conscious of this shortfall. Thinknum has discovered that Apple was on a Siri related to hiring spree in latest months, with 161 positions recorded as at the end of March. There is been a uptick ever since summertime 2016, but there was a different surge in Feb of this year. Virtually all the new positions are for engineers, and it is notable that some of these places are meant to handle Siri’s relative weakness in overall questions.

There are entries for Siri applications engineers handling General Knowledge and the Knowledge Graph, for example. Other notable recruitment efforts include machine learning researcher as well as several engineers to address areas such as Proactive Intelligence, The SiriKit programmer framework and address generation. There is only so much you are able to Divine from Apple’s hiring effort, and it’s very likely to take a time before you see the results. Even when Apple instantly filled each Opening, it might take months or years before their influence shows up in Apple’s applications. On the other hand, the existence of this recruiting frenzy says a good deal. Apple knows that Siri needs work, and it is ready to put money into the brain power required to improve its AI helper.