apple iphone 8 specifications

Apple is not a new name in the electronic industry. It is recognized as a pioneer in the phone manufacturing industry. Apple is an American multinational technology company headquartered at Cupertino, California. It develops its own software for their products such as mac OS for Mac computers, iOS for smartphones.

There are separate software for different utilities which you can not find in any other device. For example, iTunes media players, iLife and iWork are some of its exclusive applications. You can designate Apple as the king in the technology sector as it is the world's largest IT company and world's second largest mobile phone manufacturer.

Apple iPhone 8 will be a new revolution in the smartphone market and it will break all the past records of smartphones sales. It is expected that iPhone 8 will be launched in September, 2017. Apple has not revealed the features yet but there will be some exclusive iPhone 8 features and specifications to make it unique.

Apple iPhone 8 Features


iPhone 8 Display

Organic Light-Emitting Diode (OLED) display can be used which will provide sharper and contrasting screen for users. It will make the phone work without back light. A touch ID fingerprint sensor will be integrated which can read your fingertips and then unlock the screen.

This will be a revolutionary feature because till now, present technology fingerprint sensor is located on the back of mobile which is difficult to operate in some big sized phones.On screen fingerprint sensor will be a major attraction. In iPhone 8, the display will be edge to edge.

Apple is developing the curved display and display driver which will not feature the home button. iPhone 8 with edge to edge display will look like a single piece of glass. The size of the iPhone 8 is speculated to be 5.8″ display.

iPhone 8 Body

When we talk about the body, we all must accept the fact that everyone is bored with
the aluminum built of iPhone because it has been repetitively used in all the previous iPhone's from iPhone 5 to 7.

But this time instead of using aluminium body, Apple has decided to go with a glass body which was used in iPhone 4. It will be built around an aluminum or stainless steel frame making the new iPhone 8 lighter as well as glossy than ever before.

iPhone 8 Processor

A big surprise for future users of iPhone 8 is the A11 chip built on a 10-nanometer process. If it is used in iPhone 8, it will be smaller in size but faster and more energy efficient than the previous ones.

Wireless charging

Currently, Apple is working on long range wireless charging technology that would be a great feature as the users could charge their phone without sitting next to the charging socket.

iPhone 8 Camera Specs

Iphone 8 will be loaded with dual lens back camera for clicking HD photos and recording 4k HD videos. The back camera is rumored to be 12 MP. Front face camera will be a surprise because the screen of iPhone 8 screen will be a full edge to edge touch technology.

The front camera will be inbuilt in the screen only and will not be visible through naked eyes. We will get to see the mirror effect in selfies as if we are holding a mirror.

Owning an iPhone is a cult among the present generations. iPhone 8 will be a 10th anniversary edition of Apple iPhones. Therefore, Apple iPhone 8 specifications and features will be undoubtedly exceptional from the previous ones. I hope you liked this article. Keep visiting us for more updates on Technology from around the world.


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