Apple has abandoned the MacBook Air largely untouched for many years, including its price. Ever since the 11 inches model disappeared in 2016, you have been looking at $999 or more for Apple’s starter laptop computer, a difficult sell considering the aging design. It may become a better value before long, however. KGI analyst Ming Chi Kuo has claimed that Apple is preparing a MacBook Air with a lesser cost for release this spring. Details are scarce at that moment, but 9to5Mac noted that this corroborated a sketchy claim from Digitimes. This does not means that Apple will redesign the MacBook Air.

It gave the system only a modest spec bump in June 2017, and after that just by using an older chip. It might various reasons to create a more significant update this year, however. It may not have a lot choice except to upgrade to a contemporary chip thanks to the Meltdown and Specter vulnerabilities. There is also the question of vents. While lots of individuals still rely on USB-A peripherals, it is hard to see Apple maintaining the connector on laptops for a lot longer when the MacBook Pro and 12 inches MacBook either rely solely on USB-C. The significant question is whether or not Apple can move past the Air’s older 1, 440 x 900 display, which is not very competitive when lots of newer laptops have 1080 p displays with richer colours. Whatever happens to the hardware, a lesser cost would represent an acknowledgment that the MacBook Air is also significant to cut from the lineup. Many had guessed the 12 inches MacBook would finally take its own place, however the newer system’s high cost, lone port and limited performance have kept it out of usurping the Air’s throne. Apple still has to rely on Air if it wants to move on, and that means making the system appealing enough to pitch in buyers who’d balk at the costs to other Mac portables.