The Weeknd’s latest endeavor, My Dear Melancholy, pulled over 26 million streams from its first 24 hours on Apple Music, with the lead song Call Out My Name, pulling in 6 million out of these Streams, the business tells The Verge. That in itself is not a record, but Apple Music’s numbers did beat the single’s performance on Spotify, which pulled in almost 3.5 million streams in the exact same period, the biggest beginning of 2018 on the ceremony, according to Republic Records. To be clear: Spotify has over 120 million more users, had two distinctive music videos from the EP, and it was where The Weeknd directed his fans to stream the album on social networking.

And this is not an anomaly either: this is the 3rd time Apple Music has outperformed Spotify on a significant release in the last 13 months. Initial Day flows of Drake’s More Life on Apple Music outpaced Spotify by an amazing 33 million, and the streaming agency dominated first week streams of Post Malone’s chart topping single Rockstar, at the US. Apple Music has seemingly broken up the streaming formula when it comes to hip hop and R&B, despite a large Lack of users compared to Spotify. Although Apple Music is not the dominant ceremony with regards to subscribers, it’s rapidly becoming the leader with regards to engagement, at least with regards to the world’s biggest genre, which cannot be overlooked.