Apple Music is rolling out a brand new feature that guarantees to assist you like music with friends. Friends Mix is a brand new addition to the algorithm based combinations you’ve access to on Apple Music. But instead of indicating songs based on the monitors you like, like Favorites Mix might, Friends Mix looks at the songs your mates are playing and suggest songs based on that. According to Apple monitoring site 9to5Mac, which previously reported on the feature, it is slowly rolling out to users. Apple Music has become a significant component of the organization’s broader Services business. Apple Music is the technology giant’s response to Spotify and contains access to millions of streaming songs.

Apple Music also features playlists that assist you in finding songs you may as based on your tastes. A discovery feature also can help you find monitors you may never come across. Adding a friend mix feature makes Apple Music much more social. Maybe above all, it encourages users to join with their pals, something Apple has supported, but hasn’t always seen so much traction on. It is unclear how Apple is pulling the songs and if its algorithm will modify the weekly playlist based on your listening behavior.

However, according to 9to5Mac, Friends Mix will be updated every Monday, and that means you may get access to unique songs on a daily basis.