Apple Pay is currently making its way to a number of nations outside the US today. Reports stated A new feature was seen rolling out to users in Brazil, Spain and Ireland. Some have even reported this function in the U.K. But, this hasn’t been officially confirmed yet. Apple Pay is a kind of competitor to PayPal that surfaced at the U.S. Last year. It’s via the stock messaging program. Apple Pay registered cards may be utilized a peer-to peer payments service that functions. Bank to make payments with the service 3 percent. It is not still known if cross border payments are possible through Apple Pay right now.

If it had been possible, it might include charges. But because no other peer-to peer payment does this yet, it may be the case of Apple Pay. Be the case for Apple Pay.2 in December. We are not sure when the attribute will roll on them states, but it’s safe to say that it’ll be sooner as opposed to later. In the end, Apple needs that 3 percent, doesn’t it. At the meanwhile, Google is busy streamlining its peer-to peer obligations with Google Pay. This week Google announced it’ll meanwhile, Google is busy streamlining its peer-to peer one interface under Google Pay. Combine Android Pay and Google Wallet to throughout the globe.

However, with the advent Android Pay works in a number of countries likely heat up.