For the second consecutive year, Apple is releasing a Product RED colour variant of its iPhone. The reddish iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will be accessible from all the major carriers on Friday, preordonates have already begun. Sadly, there is no red iPhone X many reasons unknown, but Apple is putting out a Product RED folio case so that you can at least buy an accessory for the device that sends some of the purchase price to some good cause. Today Apple provided a brief hands-on with the iPhone in its latest colour. The main difference between last year’s Product RED iPhone and this one is that Apple has wisely gone with a black bezel on the front.

I wasn’t a huge fan of the white faceplate on the 7, in fact, I purchased a dumb screen protector to attempt to get this exact same look. Today Apple has made the best choice, and the red / black combo is indeed very, very slick. The other difference this time around is the iPhone 8’s rear is glass, whereas the 7 was aluminum. That allows for wireless charging, however it also means you will pick up more fingerprints, even within this reddish color. It definitely distance grey iPhone, but the red is not bright enough to remove smudges completely.

Clearly the glass rear does not have a metallic glow does a better job of hiding them than the reddish iPhone 7, but it is a striking, lively phone the same. This thing is reddish, and the colour can change a bit depending upon when the light hits like the scope of HTC’s stunning solar reddish U11. In sunlight, it is a candy red that is vibrant. Indoors, it is a bit more subdued. So I am all the more disappointed that Apple chose more disappointed that Apple would have looked great. Maybe next year. On this against a Product RED iPhone X, this shade of red with stainless steel sides start each Sept and move out of this mid cycle routine.

They’d sell more, and existing iPhone 8 owners would not be stuck with this welp, I wish I’d the reddish one, believing. At least there is They’d sell more, and existing iPhone 8 owners X. On to the photos. And simply to head off any confusion, although they look black in many of those shots, the Apple logo and the iPhone / Product RED text are all silver.