A Who is Who of technology giants is likely to get together on Wednesday at San Francisco, California for an all day meeting on the way to handle growing consumer concern about data privacy. Public consciousness of the problem has been dramatically boosted by the European Union introducing tough new privacy regulation known as GDPR. This has led many consumers in the united states and elsewhere to question why they aren’t offered the very same protections. Apple is already ahead of the game, with long emphasized protection of personal data, but GDPR still demanded the company to go further. Apple responded by creating a portal where all Apple client can download a copy of their data, and has vowed to roll GDPR standard privacy protection for its clients globally.

There have been increasing calls for the US to embrace GDPR standards, with the White House reportedly considering options which range from law of the united states to industry guidelines. The meeting has been coordinated by the information technology industry council, an industry body whose members include Apple, Samsung, Google, Facebook, Salesforce, IBM, Microsoft, Intel, Qualcomm and Dropbox.