Apple has been working on its self driving car technology for a while. The company originally started to develop a real car and after that switched to creating the self driving software. Last year we heard that Apple was selling cars from Hertz for its project and it seems that Apple has doubled its fleet of automobiles. Based on a latest report, Apple has doubled its fleet of self driving vehicles Since January this year, the company obviously now has 45 vehicles in its fleet. The company previously has permits for 27 cars in California and this has now been increased to 45.

They started with a fleet of only 3 vehicles in Apr of last year. These additional vehicles make Apple’s fleet of vehicles the second largest in California. Apple is only one of many companies which are testing out self driving car technology, as well as technology companies a lot of the top car makers are also testing this technology on their cars. The technology is already starting to filter into each day vehicles with lots of vehicles now coming with a few autonomous features. It’s likely to be a couple of years yet before fully self driving vehicles are available to purchase.