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My brother is has an affinity for watches. He has a good collection of watches of different brands with different features. In contrast to his collection, I do not own a single watch. I never had the urge of purchasing a watch. But, I am a fitness freak. I like to work out twice a day without failure. Now, you must be wondering about the connection between watch and workout. Well, today, we are going to discuss about Apple Watch 2. This watch is made for the fitness aspirants. Apple Watch 2 is the first watch I wish to buy. The reasons for buying Apple Watch 2 are discussed in this article. Here, we present to you an in depth Apple Watch 2 Review.

Apple Watch 2 Review

Apple Watch 2 is the successor of Apple Watch 1. The previous version was quite successful and now, Apple has launched Apple Watch 2 with enhanced user experience like better GPS use, water resistant, brighter display, long battery life and pre installed apps. Let us discuss in detail about the Apple Watch 2 features.

GPS Navigation

When you are running or walking, its not ergonomically feasible to track you activity with your smartphone. You would prefer to keep it in your pocket or backpack. You can track your path with GPS navigation on Apple Watch 2 with an unbelievable accuracy.

Water Resistant

You don’y need to worry about the rains anymore. You can even go for a swim or scuba diving. Apple Watch 2 is water resistant up to 50 meters.

Battery backup

Apple Watch 2 battery is supposed to last up to 5 hours when used continuously with GPS enabled. Along with the GPS, if you enable the heart beat tracker and playing your favorite music, the battery will not last for that much duration.

Heartbeat Tracker

You can even track your heartbeat rate while working out. The experiments proved that Apple Watch 2 measurements are accurate during high speed sprints as well.


Apple Watch 2 has a brightest display till now. You can easily read the data on your watch in bright sunlight. There are three levels for the display- low, medium and high.

Apple Watch 2 Analysis

Apple Watch 2 has some pre installed workout apps like Strava, MapMyRun, RunKeeper and Tempo (Apple’s fitness app) for tracking your activities.

It comes in three variants- aluminum, steel and ceramic frame. The band is provided by the Hermes. The band has two lengths- 38 mm and 42 mm.

The advantage of Apple Watch 2 is that it has better GPS navigation, water resistant and better operating system. You can use it only if you own an iPhone. This is because it connects with the iPhone and synchronizes all the functions along with it.

The major disadvantage of the watch is its high price. You can buy this gadget if you are highly dependent on a Fitness watch. It is not suitable who are not too much into physical activity.

This was all about the Apple Watch 2 Review. I hope you liked this article. Keep following Life Around Tech for more interesting updates on technology.