Top Alternative Websites to YouTube

Top Alternative Websites to YouTube

YouTube is considered the best website to watch videos of any kind. But it is not only the one for watching videos. You have alternative websites to YouTube either.

Sharing the links of videos uploaded in YouTube to other similar website gives you enough traffic and more views to the uploaded video. Thus you can earn fair amount, if you are looking for earning money through this way.

Alternative websites to YouTube

It is always recommended to share the video link. As the bandwidth of the internet has been improved a lot compared to olden days, there are more chances for you to succeed this way.


Vimeo can be said as the best alternative to YouTube. It is growing fast and rapidly these days. It offers paid and free subscriptions. For free customers it allows to post 500MB a week and 10 videos a day. You can upload videos saved from your cloud services directly to save space on your devices.


I don’t think one need introduction about Facebook. Create a page for your work on Facebook and upload the videos there. Provide some introduction to every video you upload there. You can upload videos of length 120 minutes or 4GB with caption text of 2200 characters maximum. If you want to upload large videos files, spilt them to parts and upload.


You can also upload videos to Instagram other than pictures, but only 60 Sec videos. I have a trick for the instagram users. Post the introduction of the video and link to the full video in the introduction preferably within the first two lines of the video to catch the viewers attention.


Twitter is most famous among celebrities, but available for common man too. Create your Twitter profile based on the products you are promoting. You can upload videos of length 2 min 20 Sec with an upload size as 512 MB which is considered less, but worth the sharing.

Daily Motion

It is one of the oldest video uploading sites allowing the user to upload free videos. You can add a file size of maximum 2 GB and length of the video shouldn’t cross 60 minutes, which is far greater than many others here. But the only disadvantage here is lack of awareness.

These are some of the top alternative websites to YouTube to upload videos and thus earn fair amounts to your pockets. Try these if you are genuinely looking to earn money. Provide reference links is a must to reach the videos to the targeted audience effectively. You can create your own videos or can share the already uploaded videos to these websites.