Among most dominant technology competitors  across the globe. Google and Apple try dominate the other every possible day. It is whether it in terms of stock , smartphone market or developing OS. But in light of recent launches of Apple’s iPhone 7 and Google’s Pixel release, it seems that Apple may have taken the edge in the competition in this year’s international survey.



In a study by an American market researcher annual Interbrand Best Global Brands Report, released Wednesday, Apple was named the world’s most valuable brand for , knocking the search engine giant Google from the top spot over years of various Apps-dominance.The report estimated the value of brand Apple at $178.1 billion, 5 percent from last year. Brand Value of Google was estimated at $133.2 billion, 11 percent increase from previous year.

Basically ‘brand value’ rank based on factors including financial performance of branded products and services. And How much role a brand plays in influencing its consumers’ choice and a brand’s command over premium pricing. It also depends upon the financial success with more volatile metrics like consumers’ reactions to a company. And its growth in after the previous public launch.




Well according to the list above from survey. The combined value of the top 100 brands stood at about $1,796.3 billion, at about 4.8 increase from previous year. With the world’s top most five growing brands are Facebook,Amazon,LEGO,Nissan and Adobe.
Facebook had the maximum net value at $32.5 billion, at 48% increment. Followed by Amazon (33%), then  LEGO at (25%), Nissan at (22%) and Adobe incrementing at about (21%), according to the released report on wednesday.
Its survey also revealed companies that have taken a major hit this year, Nokia fell from 57th position at valuation of $4.1 billion (£2.54 billion). Huawei (Chinese firm) made it into the top 100, with a value of $4.3 billion (£2.66 billion). Hitting the above 100,first time in lifetime. Fashion brand Dior(French) and Tesla Motors,they secured  89th and 100th position respectively. Kleenex , Hugo Boss and Chevrolet dropped off the list, the report further claimed.