Apple’s Schoolwork App, that debuted at its education event before this year, is currently available for teachers to utilize. The application, supposed to be used on iPads, allows teachers to easily manage class room tasks such as creating assignments and monitoring individual pupils progress. When Apple first introduced Schoolwork, it explained it like writing an email. When creating assignments, teachers may writes notes, send PDFs, and includes web links. They are also able to assign tasks to pupils within other education programs they are using in the class room, popular programs such as Explain Everything, Tynker, GeoGebra, and Kahoot, are currently working directly with Schoolwork.

Additionally to doling out assignments, teachers may utilize Schoolwork to monitor pupil progress in these programs and activities, allowing for tailored and more personalized learning adventures. All the data stored on pupils is kept confidential, and schools create and have control over the accounts utilized by pupils. Schoolwork was announced alongside a lot of other education focused tools which may be used together by pupils and teachers. There is also Classroom, a device management application for Apple, a brand new toolset for developers known as ClassKit, and Apple’s new lower priced iPad with Pencil support that is just $299 for schools.