Apple has announced that its iTunes Store will no longer work on the original Apple Television and some Windows PCs from May of this year. As of the 25th of May 2018 the iTunes Store will no longer work on the initial generation Apple Television and also on Windows XP PCs and Windows Vista PCs. You can see an official statement from Apple below on the Apple TV. Starting from 2018-05-25, Apple will introduce security adjustments which prevent Apple TV from utilizing the iTunes Store.

This gadget is an Apple merchandise and won’t be upgraded to support these security changes. There’ll also be support for the iTunes Store on Windows XP and Windows Vista PCs, this is because Microsoft no longer supports these operating systems. The iTunes Store only supports the most recent versions of iTunes and this necessitates Windows 7 or later, this is the reason these Windows OS’s will no longer support the store from May. As of the 25th of May Windows Vista and XP users may no longer be capable of making any new purchases plus they’ll also not be capable to download previously downloaded content.