Before knowing how to earn money through virtual assistant, let me brief you what is virtual assistant (VA) all about. A Virtual Assistant (VA) is extremely-skilled, independent professional who provides administrative, technical or creative business support services remotely. Virtual Assistant can be hired for long or short term basis based on their and theirs employers wish. They can work as long as both wish to work together.

There is variety of works for a virtual assistant to perform like writing, ghostwriting, graphic design, researching, editing, tutoring, desktop publishing, consulting, bookkeeping, copy writing, social media management, project management, transcription, programming, data entry and anything else from your home itself. They can be as creative as they want.

Now coming to the point, how to be a virtual assistant and earn money. Here are few simple ways to follow:

  • Expert a niche

Instead on working what the client need, know your strengths and work on it. Then find the clients offering those services and work with them. It emphasizes the quality of your work and can get much better pay.

  • Write an article of your choice

It will best serve as an example of your work. Clients get an overview on your work. No need to define yourself more. Your work will speak for you. Remember Pen is powerful than a sword or a word you speak.

  • Start a blog

Create a hire me page. Post all your work here. Socialize your blog. Invite your friends to read your articles and ask them to comment on your work. You can use many social websites for this like Facebook, Twitter, Google, WhatsApp, Google Allo… what not. You have ample of platforms to promote your work.

  • Go through VA websites

Search where you can get hired. Bid for those matching your skills. Go through one by one in the beginning. When you excel, you can work on multiple articles. Post your portfolio to get highlighted.

  • Decide on charge

Before bidding, decide on what you would like to charge. Not knowing the market value of your work may get you into trouble. You may not able to negotiate well, resulting you will get low pay than what you deserve. You can choose to get paid on article wise or monthly wise of your work. You can always earn a fair amount on experience.

  • Keep learning

Last but not least. Be an ever learner. Never depend only on one skill. Excel your skills on each niche you learn. Try to bid on your new skills. Learn using SEO and Keywords on your article. Helps you get more work.

Some Virtual Assistant websites are

  1. Freelancer
  2. Contentmart
  3. Habiliss
  4. TaskBarge

All you need is some research. Read whatever you find on Virtual Assistant. Decide on your presentation skills. Understand managing your clients. All you need is patience. Work heart fully and get paid for your skills effectively.


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