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Everyone gets excited when they plan to start a blog. Someone even dreams of becoming a millionaire just by blog writing. It looks like a piece of cake at first. But, is it really? To earn from blogs, you need to have a good ad network activated on your blogs. But, out of so much ad networks available out there; which one to choose?
You are at the right place to clear these doubts of yours. I am going to list you the 5 best ad networks out there which can really help you earn better than the others. Let’s begin then:
1. Google Adsense
There can be a huge debate about the second and third best Ad networks. But, whenever the talk will be about the best one out there, Google Adsense will be the undisputable winner. My claim is backed by the fact that it is the largest and most widely used Ad network out there. It is also the largest and best. Getting approval on Adsense is a bit tough really but it’s not impossible. You just need to follow their guidelines and policies and you will get approved by Adsense. Adsense has best ad placement on any platform and have high CPC, CPM rates.
• Minimum Payout – $100

Ad networks
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2. Infolinks
Just like Adsense, Infolinks has been successful in creating their own unique identity among ad networks. Infolinks is particularly best for in-text ads. Also, getting approval is lot easier in Infolinks than Adsense as it approves almost all blogs. Infolinks also works with Adsense without creating any kind of problems. It offers mainly 4 kinds of ads; in text ads, insearch, inframe and intag ads.
• Minimum Payout – $50

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Though some would argue that Bidvertiser is more famous that among Ad networks. But, what gives an edge over the former is that it is a contextual ad service. It means the readers will get to see advertisements related to the subjects on the page as a result. Yahoo and Bing! Networks use as their Ad networks. This is the testimony of its fame and usefulness. You have a good chance of earning huge money from because of the quality of ads placed by them. And you can add with Adsense without any problems or violating any rules. This really gives it an edge over Bidvertiser.
• Minimum Payout – $100

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4. Bidvertiser

It is a display based advertisement program to earn some extra money. Also, in Bidvertiser, the publishers directly bid against one another for ad space. It offers a vast range of display advertisements and is also a referral program.
• Minimum Payout – $10

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5. Adcash
Adcash is an Estonia based advertisement organization established in 2007. Their advertisements are performing in view of CPM, CPL, CPA and CPC. There’s a lot of publicizing framework giving a less chance to impact the spaces in the site, on rather than them – AdCash gives a wide grouping of ad associations that suits both for PC and versatile.
• Minimum Payout – $100

Ad networks
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