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Whenever we discuss about incrementing adsense CPC, a standout word which you will hear is “Adsense heatmap”. In this post, I will give you a brief idea regarding heatmap and best adsense placement ideas.

Google Adsense advertisement is the most ideal way for any blogger to earn through Blogging and there sites. Yet the issue is constantly about which is the best place to put the adverts. Primary aim of any blogger is to give fantastic contents on his blogs and he can’t take a risk to place commercials at the center of the post which is very irritating. Likewise, after Google panda updates, it became important to keep less advertisements around contents despite the fact that Google itself recommend to place advertisements over the fold for higher CTR.

Adsense position is quite tricky and setting your Google adsense adverts can nearly double your traffic if you put up your advertisement with a bit trick and without irritating users. With bit cleverness, you can quite double your Google Adsense salary.

Adsense Heatmap Image:

Here is the official Google Adsense Heatmap which shows about the best Adsense placement without annoying your readers.

Adsense Placement Guide
Google Adsense Heatmap

Non-innovation based sites makes nearly double profit than innovation based sites. The reason being users of tech-based sites are mostly aware of advertisement and they mostly disregard the advertisements. However, then again on non technology sites like dating, astrology sites profit with Google advertisements in light of unawareness of the users.


Another reality is when readers from tech sites read the article and they think that it’s helpful; they tap on ad to welcome the article. While putting advertisements do you consider on following points?

  • Why your users are here?
  • Substance is more imperative or advertisement?
  • Where to keep the advertisement without hampering your readers point and without thumping down your advertisement.

You may think if you compose better post and get more natural traffic and Better activity results in Better Pay. Be that as it may, think the other way of setting adverts at the ideal place and in the meantime focus on better nature of posts. In this way, you will finish both the errand: Traffic and wage.


Best advertisement placement guide:

  • Observe SEOunleashed. He astutely put the advertisement between the posts which does not in any case resemble an ad yet you should be exceptionally watchful with keywords when you want to do anything like this.
  • Ad placement at the top of the article header again has better Google adsense CTR.
  • On the off chance that you are pondering about revenue only, you can put ad between the contents.( Link units )
  • Google search for your site is likewise a smart idea to increase your income and setting Google search unit at the best obvious place on your site will be a better idea.


Another few spots where you can put ads for better CTR:

  • Over the post
  • Sidebar pennant
  • Sidebar video unit

Though we will propose to put advertisement wisely without hampering your reader view and in place of keeping empty space on your site, it’s ideal to fill it with advertisements.