Top Apps to Change an IP Address

change an ip address

All of you would like to know how to change an IP address but, the first thing you all must know is, what is an IP address? IP address means Internet Protocol address. IP address is a unique identification number which you can use to communicate with rest of the world.

Why we need to change an IP address?

The answer is very simple. If you want to hide your geographical location and want to make your identity secure, you should use IP hider application. It helps you to surf websites which are banned in your universities, school, offices. So, you can try IP hider application which will change or hide you IP address so that you can make you identity secure and access banned websites. IP hider application is known as Virtual Private Network or VPN.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network. It helps you to protect your data and identity from rest of the world. It assigns a different IP address to your network. You can surf over internet without any tension. There are plenty of VPN applications available in market. You have to pay for some VPN applications while some are free to use.

Apps to Change an IP Address

So first of all I would like to tell you some free of cost VPN application.


Psiphon is a free of cost application which is available for android platform as well as for iOS.You can install it in laptop as well as on desktop. Psiphon is made for both smart phones and systems. You can download it and then install it.

Browsec VPN

Browsec is used in systems like laptops and desktops. You have to add its extension in your browser like Chrome, Firefox or Mozilla. There is no need to sign up with your e-mail account.  You can directly use this VPN without any authorization.


FreeMyBrowser is also a free of cost VPN application and it gives you an opportunity to change your location in seven countries like USA, Singapore, Switzerland, etc. You have to sign up with you e-mail account and then you can avail the facility of this VPN.

Now let’s talk about some paid VPN applications:


ExpressVPN is a paid VPN application. The monthly cost is $8.32. It is one of the best VPN applications available in the market. It gives you facility of 30 days money back guaranteed and its server facility is available in 78 countries. That means, you can use IP address of 78 countries. ExpressVPN runs on Windows, Mac OSX, iOS and Android platform.


Buffered is available at a monthly cost of $8.25. Its server facility is active in 17 countries and its customer service support is excellent. It also gives 30 days money back guarantee.


The main difference between free of cost VPN and paid VPN is authenticity. There is an assumption that free VPN sells user information to third party while paid VPN always supervise customer information. Paid VPN always keep user data secure from third party so that no one could misuse it. These were some applications you can use to change an IP address. I hope you this article was up to your expectations. Keep visiting us for more updates on useful tips on technology.