Best alternatives to google app store

Google App Store is the usual place to download apps for android users. But it is not the only choice for app download. Google App Store may not support some apps to install based on many major problems. Then you can go with these alternatives.

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Top 5 Best Google App Store Alternatives

Amazon App Store

Best alternative to Google app store

Undoubtedly Amazon App Store is the best alternative to Google App Store. It offers a wide range of apps for free and paid apps also available. You can download and install easily on any android device. You need to download its apk as it doesn’t provide web interface. It’s easy to sign up.  Amazon provides paid apps for free one a day. They offer deals which user can’t get rid of those.

Samsung Galaxy Store 


Samsung being the biggest manufacturer of android apps designed this app for their smartphone users which is also a good alternative for Google. It is pre-loaded in for their users with their smartphones. They provide malware free apps which help the user’s data to be safe. But you can’t get fair amount of apps from it.

Slide Me

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Slide me provides both web interface and app based to download several apps for android users. Users can get their paid apps through many ways includes PayPal along with debit and credit cards, internet banking and mobile balance. Developers can also earn through advertising on this app.

Get Jar App

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Get Jar is one of the earliest app store provider. It supports Nokia Symbian software. One must be careful when using this app store to download apps. As they may use cookies and sometimes can be used variably as lot of them have ads and sends annoying notifications to the users after the apps installation. To install free apps either one have to take part in survey or check ads.

Mobogenie Store

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Mobogenie provides its users with both website interface and app. It also provides ringtones, wallpapers and lot more. You can download directly from website without any registration needed. It comes with intelligent recommendation engine which offers you the apps suitable for you. This was developed in India, can also supports other languages.

These all app stores can be big alternatives to Google app store. To get these app stores you need to change your settings. Go to settings and select security option and enable unknown sources option.