Are your users leaving your site after going through the first post only? Expanding page views and decreasing bounce rate is a major challenge for site owners. But, showing user related contents has turned out to be a powerful method for getting more site views. You can easily indicate related posts on your WordPress site using posts plugins. In this article, I will demonstrate to you some of the best related posts plugins for WordPress.


  1. Yet Another Related Posts Plugin
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Yet Another Related Posts Plugin otherwise known as YARPP is a standout amongst the most WordPress related posts plugins with more than 3.4 million downloads. It supports both thumbnail and text display of related posts.

YARPP utilizes a built-in algorithm to discover related posts. It has an incredible template system and allows thumbnails/content show; supports custom post sorts, and RSS channel show.

But, YARPP is incompatible with WPML plugin. So, if you are going to make a multi-lingual WordPress site, then you should pick Polylang.

  1. Contextual Related Posts
Benefits of Contextual Posts Plugins
Benefits of Contextual Posts Plugins

Contextual Related Posts is another WordPress plugin to show related posts. It tries to enhance relevancy by contextually matching posts. It can show related posts as thumbnails and content.

For text only related posts, it works out of the box and has a less complex settings page. It tries to use pictures inside a post as thumbnail when no included picture or post thumbnail is found.

But, much the same as YARPP, this plugin also does not scale well on larger sites. Managed WordPress Hosts like WPEngine has blocked this plugin to be used by their clients on the grounds that on larger sites it will back off or slow down your site.

  1. Related Posts for WordPress

Related Posts for WordPress plugin is a lightweight alternative to more popular related posts plugins. It plays out all the resource incentive tasks in the admin region and uses cache to show related posts.

Related Posts for WordPress concentrates on performance. It is quicker and does not slow down your site. It supports thumbnail and textual display of related posts list.

  1. Yuzo Related Posts

Another great free related posts plugin is Yuzo Related Posts. It has an exhaustive set of features that you can expect from a related posts plugin like thumbnail views, horizontal views with thumbnails, list view, cache, and so forth.

It is to a great degree simple to utilize and setup. Users can choose style by just a simple click. And caching improves the performance than YARPP and Contextual Related Posts. It has a very adaptable widget with loads of choices.

  1. Inline Related Posts
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Working style of Inline Related Post

Inline Related Posts is quite different than other plugins. Rather than showing related posts below contents, this plugin indicates them inside your articles. This sort of inline show of related post is popular on news and blog sites.


I hope that this article helped you locate the best related posts plugin for your WordPress site.

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