BMW has revealed new concept of sleek bike to mark its hundredth birthday. The concept Bike would be so smart that helmet will be obsolete in use. It has it own balance maintaining system that keeps the bike against gravity, whether or not you’re moving. So now teenagers wouldn’t have to worry about crashing down for the most part, and could test limits of speed beyond usual specified.


BMW Vision 100 concept motorcycle front

Unlike any usual motorbike in the street, This bike doesn’t have suspension, but instead it connects the frame and wheel in a single “Flex-frame” unit. If you move handle the entire frame turns rather than just the front wheels .Further the stabilisation system acts to provide support , so that it can’t topple over anytime, although it is a mystery how the stabilisation works.

“Normally, when we design a motor vehicle, the initial plan was to forecast the market in next  5 to 10 years in advance.But in this case, we peeked a little further ahead,” said Edgar Heinrich (Design director of BMW’s motorcycle division)

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The main features of this beast is:

It uses supreme technology and claims to predict hazards way ahead before it even occurred in the road. But interestingly it is not a necessity for a biker to wear a helmet. They were supplied with a glass visor that can pull up important info in biker’s sight. Further most if the Biker looks ahead he can see the projection of his real view camera in real time.

One of the main ease of having an stabilisation technology that, it doesn’t need a holding stand when parked at a place. BMW reported that such models will be available to general public least a decade after.

Centenary concepts: the Mini, BMW, Rolls-Royce and motorcycleConcepts: BMW, Rolls-Royce,Mini motorcycle

Rolls-Royce, The mini and Vision Centenary Concepts, doesn’t have driver less technology. But still when these models are available it will give most people run at their fortune money.