Client relation is an indispensable part of each business. For the purposes of sustainability, enterprises should strive towards getting repeat clients, simply put customers that are loyal to their brands. Limitations of frozen wages. The normal business environment is littered with different kinds of loyalty programs which are aimed at encouraging clients to go back for more business. Other aspects of such applications are targeted towards getting feedbacks from all of these clients for purposes of both brand management and improvement.

Nevertheless, in today’s age where processes have been ruled by increased dynamism, it’s challenging to hold on to clients with mere promises of a suspended value. In addition to, following up on many different loyalty applications from the different suppliers that a single patronizes could be exhaustive and confusing. Most businesses today don’t receive the expected answers from their clients with regards to feedback. Unlike just like many years ago when the planet was usually slower, millennials nowadays hardly have the luxury of time to complete forms especially on the net. In the majority of cases, those who do time to give feedbacks are usually dissatisfied clients, therefore not representing the true reflection of product or service delivery.

By introducing blockchain and incentivized processes, the feedback mechanism will certainly work better. Beyond just a rewarding exercise, clients will feel more respected and valued as opposed to just being used. Beyond opinions delivery as a medium of loyalty, many companies already supply some extra incentives. The complication comes from how troublesome it usually is promising such incentives. Many times they are as suspended benefits other than real time instant value. A rallying point for each business. By producing a unifying platform, Sandblock is using blockchain technology to give immediate value with regards to loyalty applications. With the emerging trend where all the main brands in the world are now starting to glance at the blockchain technology for their future development, it’s just a matter of time before every one of these brands will begin utilizing the blockchain to tighten the relationship with their customers. When this occurs, you can only imagine the number of tokens a person may hold with regard to the several businesses they patronize. Sandblock’s protocol is designed as a center of gravity which may serve as a rallying point to get an infinite number of tokens. On this stage, consumers may trade their tokens that they must have acquired from their respective vendors, such as loyalty tokens.