Sometimes when we are signing up on a new app or website, it asks to verify the mobile number that we have provided by One Time Password (OTP) code. OTP is an automatically generated alphanumeric combination of characters that validates user for a single transaction or session. They send the one time password on our phone through call or SMS verification, and then you have to enter it on the app/website. This is done to verify that the mobile number provided is genuinely yours.

Nowadays, verifying phone number is compulsory in most of the sites. But what if you don’t want to provide your original phone number? Sometimes people are sceptic about the sites they are signing up for as it can be a fake or as one can say scammer that collects various phone numbers/email ids and then sends scam messages on them.

So to avoid scammers, we don’t want to provide our original phone number on any app or website. It’s impossible to bypass the phone verification without hacking. Though, to avoid scammers, you can provide a fake mobile number. How does it work? How to verify a fake phone number? So today we will discuss about how to bypass SMS verification on any app or website.

Bypassing SMS Verification

There are many websites where you can receive SMS online on random fake numbers. They have a list of fake disposable phone numbers from various countries. One of these websites is Receive-SMS-Online. It has a fine list of fake mobile numbers from France, Spain, UK, USA, Netherland, India, Romania, Italy and Germany.

  1. Go to receive-sms-online.infoSMS Verification
  2. Select a phone number of your choice from the website and enter it as your mobile number on the site where the verification is requiredmoble-phone-number
  3. Send the verification code. If the number you used is not working then skip to the next one
  4. Then click on the number you selected from the website and you’ll be directed to the inbox of that phone numberinbox-recieve-sms-online
  5. Here you’ll find the verification code in the disposable inbox. Enter the code in the OTP field and your account will be verified.

There are many other websites too that you can try. Some of them are given below:

It should be noted that this method is not recommended for websites/apps which you always use. It should also be not used for apps that uses your personal details like banking/financial. These must be used on for avoiding scammers.

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