Canon has been playing high megapixel sensors up to 250 megapixels since 2010, but it is now showing what very high resolution video looks like. It shot some clips with its 120MXS CMOS sensor showing how much detail it keeps even whenever you digitally zoom deeply into the video. You may do that with stills already, but it is amazing to see him arrive at almost 10 fps, bring to life the silly improve video cliché, from Blade Runner and CSI type shows. Making 13K video play even 10 fps isn’t a trivial effort. Canon explained the readout is possible thanks to no less than 28 digital signal outputs stations on the APS-H sized chip.

The final output format runs in 90 MB/s, or around 9MB per frame, therefore considering the chip catches about 60 times as much detail as a 1080 p detector, the pictures are heavily compressed. Another video taken by Canon in a football match, however, shows the potential privacy issues with the tech. The 120 megapixel chip can zoom into to definitely show faces, even when positioned far away from the audience. If married with a face detecting technology, a strong computer may consequently keep tabs on a whole stadium full of individuals at once. At CES 2018, Canon explained it might start offering to solutions suppliers, integrators, and others who’re searching for advanced components to create their very own distinctive products and solutions. Which means we could start seeing the advantages, and pitfalls, of these chips in the not too distant future.