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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Samsung Galaxy X the foldable phone

Samsung has never released foldable phones till date. They are now planning for something big. They are introducing the first foldable phones from Samsung which will be light weight and can...

How to – Create whatsapp account without sim verification

Whatsapp is a popular messaging application that is used by one and all in today's world. One has to have high speed internet for using Whatsapp so that they can download...

 All you need to know about Lenovo Z2 plus

Lenovo have once again come up with a Smartphone Z2 Plus from their Chinese Sub-brand ZUK but this time under the name of Lenovo. The unofficial predecessor of this phone Lenovo...

A Quick Look at the Xiaomi Mi 5s Plus

Choosing a smartphone in today’s world is a lot harder than just trusting a renowned brand. The biggest example of that is the current fiasco Samsung is facing with their Galaxy...
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