Charging phone is a big task when you are running out of time and you need to carry your device for sure while going out. Want to go out on an urgent meeting, planning for long travel, attending a party and staying out for longer hours and worried about the battery charging of your smartphone? No need to worry any more. In this article you can learn on how to charge phone battery faster.

Tips on how to charge phone battery faster

Relying on these tips on how to charge phone battery faster helps you really in a great way to charge faster than usual. You no need to have any extra accessories to charge fast. You can do it with the things you have with you and have to follow certain tips.

Quick Chargers

If your device charger is not making it happen soon, you can rely on turbo charging accessories such as Samsung’s fast charging pad or HTC’s rapid charger to charge your phone. Your device’s battery will be filled to 100% in o time. You will be surprised to see the quick charging.

charge phone battery faster

Newer android phones these days support super-fast charging which allows your device to charge rapidly without affecting the device. Most quick chargers allow you to charge your phone with 1.4 times faster than the normal charger. Quick chargers can be used for an emergency case, but using it more often damages your device.

Charge Your Device Keeping on Airplane Mode

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Before plugging in to the charging, make sure you put your device on airplane mode to ensure charge your battery faster than usual. Airplane mode just makes your device lost its connection with the world by switching all unnecessary things like Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, calls and radio. This decreases the phone usage on battery and fills up the battery faster.

Wall Chargers – USB Charger

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The charger’s that comes along with your device are the optimal choice of charging in a better way. Charging your device with the help of USB through laptop may consume time. But when you use apps like chargeDr, they help up speeding the charging process. If your phone and the laptop are of same brands then it will be much faster as when you connect them with their respectives, they recognize them much better and helps to boost the speed of the charger.

Finally, these are some basic ways on how to charge phone battery faster. But it is always suggested to charge your device with the charger provided by the manufacturer. Boosting up the charging in unusual ways may affect the device in longer run.