If you’re looking for a small compact wireless charger you may be intrigued in the new chargeONE created by STARQ and designed by Marvin Bruckmann. Watch the demo video below to understand more about the strong wireless charger that is now available to back via Kickstarter with pledges available from $35 for early bird backers and shipping expected to take place during March 2018 if all goes well with the crowdfunding campaign. STARQ describes the new chargeONE wireless charger as the first fast wireless charger that fuses modern fabric styling with a powerful technology. The design for the chargeONE was inspired by the lack of well designed wireless chargers currently available offering a more aesthetic and appealing design. We found lower priced options lacked strong technology and did not even include the basic Universal Serial Bus adaptor, whilst the pricier options lacked sophisticated quality in their design.

The chargeONE is capable of offering fast charging thanks to its 10W wireless charging technology and is capable of charging compatible Qi Android and iOS devices. Beneath the wireless charger is equipped with rubberised anti slip rings to help keep both the charger and phone in place all surrounded by a woven fabric design without the visible logo allowing it to blend into the aesthetics of your office or home.