Chrome on Chromebooks and Windows-2-in-1 apparatus is on its way to becoming much more like his brother on cellular. Since lucasban has posted on Reddit, the pull-to refresh gesture is available on the browser developer channel for all those programs. Whilst the feature may not make that much of a difference as it does on cellular, Chrome for all those apparatus has an available refresh button, the iOS/Android version’s touch control will nonetheless make a fantastic addition for the touchscreen laptop computer tablet hybrids. As we mentioned, however, the feature has only made its way as far as the developer channel. If you do have access to it for Chrome OS and Windows, you will still need to trigger gesture through the hidden flag chrome://flags/.pull-to refresh.

Based on past reports, Google’s Chrome group has been working on bring the gesture to Chromebooks because at least mid-2017. It will not take them as well long time to release the feature to the public.