CLOVR this week taken at Kickstarter into increase the necessary funds it requires in the shape of $5, 000, to make its fresh CLOVR application available to a wider audience. The brand new program has been created to transform all your favorite Personal Computer games into virtual reality. It sounds a big ask, but the development group based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia seems confident in having the ability to produce the goods. CLOVR has been created to remove the need for costly virtual reality setups and equipment, allowing you to step into your favorite Personal Computer virtual reality games and start shooting at zombies and monsters.

Experience every moment just like you’re actually in the game, and immerse yourself in a whole new VR world – without the need for a fancy VR equipment. , Say the development group. The CLOVR program is now readily available to back with pledges starting from as small aspound, 2 for 3 months access to the ceremony. CLOVR has been designed to offer an easy-to use hassle free mobile program that transforms any Personal Computer game in virtual reality, making virtual reality gaming available and affordable to all. For additional info, full specifications and full list of available pledges jump on the official page of the CLOVR crowdfunding campaign